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TriBristol Junior Race

Saturday, 18th July 2015

Race Details

The Bristol Children's Triathlon will be held on Saturday 18th July 2015 The event is being held at Henbury Leisure centre, attached to Henbury School. The race start is at 1.00pm.

Age Groups

TriStars Start8
TriStars 19-10
TriStars 211-12
TriStars 313-14
TriStars Youth15-16

Arrival and Car Parking

We would ask you to arrive at Henbury School between 11.30am and 12.30pm. Competitors/parents are asked to park only in the School car park area. Car parking is free. Please then make your way over to the Leisure Centre.


Registration will open at 11.30am and is being held along side the swimming pool and straight ahead as you enter the car park. At registration, the following is required of you:
  • BTF licences should be shown to receive a £1 reimbursement.
  • Read the race information and sign (parents) the disclaimer to confirm that you have done so.
  • Collect two race numbers and be marked on the left leg and arm.
  • Collect and be fitted with your race timing chip.
The transition area will be open from 11.30am to 1.00pm only for racking of bikes and setting out running equipment etc. Access will not be available after this time. Access to remove equipment from transition can be carried out during the event at the discretion of the marshals and only on presentation of your race number. No number, no access, no bike!
Parents and other non-competitors are not allowed in the Transition area at any time. We will have additional race officials in transition to assit competitors locate bikes etc.


The Leisure Centre's pool is a six-lane 25m pool and you will be required to complete the number of lengths appropriate to your age group. This will be confirmed by the swim start prior to allocation of your swim lane.
  • Tri-Star Start - 50m = 2 lengths
  • Tri-Star 1 - 150m = 6 lengths
  • Tri-Star 2 - 200m = 8 lengths
  • Tri-Star 3 - 300m = 12 lengths
  • Tri-Star Youth - 400m = 16 lengths
Race briefings will be carried out adjacent to the transition area for all athletes at 1.20pm.
Access to the swimming pool will be from the fire exits on the left-hand side of the building where competitors will be checked and allocated lanes. The main pool changing rooms, toilets and showers will be available before and after the race.
Swimmers will be starting in waves according to their age group. The first wave will be for Tri-Star Start athletes at approximately 1.00pm. Subsequent waves will be in age group order, finishing with Tri-Star Youth athletes. Where there is more than one swimmer in a lane, subsequent swimmers will start at five second intervals. You will be directed by the swim marshals to your assigned lane. You will be provided with a coloured swim cap to wear during the swim.
On completing the swim, please take care when leaving the swimming pool as the floor will be wet.
Do not run on the poolside.
The route to the transition area turns right on the access road along side the swimming pool, before turning left to the playing field. Please follow the signs, tape and listen to the position marshals. Please also be careful of running with bare feet any changes in level ground e.g. kerbs, and slipping on the grass.
Please note that:
  • No clothing or equipment to be left within the pool area or outside the pool exit.
  • Take instruction from your lap counter and look out for the 2 lengths to go board.
  • You are responsible for counting correctly the number of laps you swim. The lane counters are there to help, but cannot be held responsible for any miscounting on your part.
  • You are not allowed to wear a wetsuit or other aids that improve buoyancy or propulsion.
  • If you are not able to finish the swim and need assistance from a lifeguard, roll onto your back and wave with an extended arm to a lifeguard.
  • Your race will begin from within the pool: NO diving.
  • Time keepers are located directly outside of the swimming pool so please shout your number to them as they may have difficulty seeing your number markings.


The cycle route is entirely off road within the confines of the adjacent playing field. The loop is approximately 800m and each age group must complete the following number of laps:
  • Tri-Star Start - 0.8km = 1 lap
  • Tri-Star - 1.6km = 2 laps
  • Tri-Star - 4.0km = 5 lap
  • Tri-Star 3 - 5.6km = 7 lap
  • Tri-Star Youth - 6.4km = 8 lap
Athletes are responsible for counting their own laps. The course is entirely on grass and therefore suitable tires should be used.
On leaving the transition area at the far end, you will not be able to mount your bike until instructed by the marshals. Please be careful of athletes/cyclists passing on your left as they complete their laps. The course is set out with a mixture of taped corridors and signs going in anti-clockwise direction. Marshals are also out on the course to guide you.
Please note that:
  • Competitors must obey marshals at all times.
  • Competitors must obey British Triathlon Federation race rules at all times.
  • Bikes must be road legal, with two brakes and no sharp or projecting parts that might injure other competitors. Bar ends must be plugged.
  • Competitors must ensure they have their helmets on and fastened at all times that their bikes are off the racking.
  • Race number must be clearly visible on the back whilst on the bike and on the front for the run.
  • This is not a draft legal race. If competitors are deemed by the referees to be drafting, they will receive either a time penalty or disqualification at the referees' discretion. If competitors do not understand what drafting means then the referee will explain on the day.
  • The bike dismount point will be clearly marked and marshalled.
  • Competitors must dismount completely before crossing the line.
  • The Triathlon has attracted beginners and seasoned athletes alike. If everyone observes the following riding etiquette, you can all have a safe and great ride:
    • Be considerate and respectful to your fellow cyclists.
    • Do not swerve or make sudden movements.
    • Stay left at all times - unless overtaking.
    • Never overtake someone on the inside (left) side.
    • Look over your shoulder for other athletes before you move over.


The run route is also entirely off road on the playing field. The route will be clearly signed posted and taped, being a 600m out and back route. Each age group must complete the following number of laps:
  • Tri-Star Start - 0.6km = 1 lap
  • Tri-Star - 1.2km = 2 laps
  • Tri-Star - 1.8km = 3 lap
  • Tri-Star 3 - 2.4km = 4 lap
  • Tri-Star Youth - 3.0km = 5 lap
Athletes are responsible for counting their own laps. The course is flat and entirely on grass. Your timing chip will be removed directly after you cross the finish line.
Please note that:
  • Race number must be on the front for the run and clearly visible
  • The time keepers are located on the "Run Out" exit at transition so please shout your number out clearly to assist them.
  • Whilst the run route is generally firm under foot, please beware of holes, mounds, tufts, ruts, stones, etc, etc. If the weather is damp on the day then the grassy and muddy parts of the run course will be slippery. Please take care.
  • Always stay on the LEFT side to avoid collisions with oncoming runners. Please be considerate of your fellow competitors at all times.
  • The drinks station is at the beginning and end of the run course.


We would ask all competitors and spectators to respect the School's and Leisure Centre's property at all times. In particular, please take all litter home with you or place it in one of the bins provided.
We will have an information board at registration. This will contain all the race information, swim starts and eventually, the race results. Any changes to any aspect of the race will be posted on the board.

Post Race

Results will be on display at the Information Tent as they are issued.
The prize presentation will be held approximately 3.30pm. We regret we are unable to post prizes after the event. Please stay for the presentation if you have won a prize. Any uncollected prizes will be donated to a charity raffle.


All our marshals and other race officials are volunteers. Any competitor or associated person such as family or friends, abusing our marshals will be disqualified.
If you are bringing friends and/or family to the race, and they would like to volunteer on the day, please either contact us at least two weeks in advance of the race or on the day, ask registration to inform the Chief Marshal.

And Finally

On behalf of the BAD Tri Team, we hope you have an enjoyable day. Please help us to make this a successful race for all.